The Epic Pilbara

This is the Epic Pilbara – twice the size of the United Kingdom, the Pilbara region in Western Australia has some of the world’s most stunning ancient natural landscapes, dating back 3.5 – 4.3 billion years.

From coastal to inland, from ancient indigenous sites to colonial settlements, from pristine untouched landscapes to a powerhouse mining industry – discover the real Aussie outback.

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The Epic Pilbara Road Trip

Taking you to the best of the Pilbara Region’s national parks, coastal islands and historic areas from 40,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art to a 150-year-old pioneer ghost town.

The Epic Pilbara Road Trip is a self-drive itinerary for 4WD vehicles, starting in Karijini and ending in Karratha. This 10 day, 3 leg journey is best experienced from April to October.  For an ultra special road trip, coincide your timing with the incredible Karijini Experience festival which occurs around Easter each year.

Try to book accommodation and tours at least 6 weeks in advance to avoid any disappointment, as the best experiences will often book out fast!

  • Starting Destination – Karijini National Park
  • Leg One – Karijini to Cheela Plains Station 
  • Leg Two – Cheela Plains Station to Mackerel Islands via Onslow
  • Leg Three – Onslow to Dampier via Karratha

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The Warlu Way Trail

Experience a road trip adventure which opens your eyes to the secrets of North West Australia’s historical, cultural and natural wonders. The Warlu Way follows the path of the warlu, or Dreamtime sea serpent, as it traverses the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia – ancient and sacred landscapes rich in natural beauty and enchanting Aboriginal stories.

Your journey takes you back in time to the mystical Dreaming era when the warlu emerged from the sea and travelled through the pulsing red heart of the outback, forming magnificent waterways as he moved.

The Warlu Way leads you almost 3,000km from sapphire seas and offshore islands, to lush oases, plunging gorges, soaring ranges and the ancient Aboriginal culture of Australia’s North West. Choose to explore the Warlu Way in its entirety, or do it in sections by following the four interconnected routes – Coastal, Inland, Manuwarra Red Dog Highway and East Pilbara Geoheritage Routes.

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Other Road Trips


The Ultimate Pilbara Road Trip

If time is no barrier this Ultimate Pilbara Road Trip will take you to see everything the region has to offer! Weave your way through the entire Pilbara region, starting coastal in Onslow and finishing inland in Newman. Go between awe-inspiring national parks and world-class marine parks, and experience some of the world’s most significant cultural landmarks along the way.


Pilbara Wildflowers Trail

From July to September wildflowers of all colours, sizes and shapes come into bloom throughout the Pilbara. Vibrant floral shades contrast with the dusty red earth and golden spinifex grass. The Pilbara’s flora is yours to explore with over half a million square kilometres of mangroves, off-shore islands, deep gorges, mountain ranges, desert sand dunes and river pools making the Pilbara’s flora as diverse as the landscape.


Travel the Coral Coast Highway

One of Australia’s great scenic drives – Perth to Exmouth where the road hugs the Indian Ocean coastline. Then from Exmouth, add the nearby Onslow and the Mackerel Islands to your road trip. You’ll get to experience WA’s reef and outback, all in one amazing trip!

Your first stop on the Coral Coast Highway is the famous otherworldly Pinnacles Desert of Nambung National Park, just north of Perth, winding up to the World’s largest fringing reef – the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef.

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