Getting to Onslow

Onslow is located on the north coast of Western Australia, easily accessible by direct flights from Perth via Virgin Australia, and by road via Onslow Road.

If you’re driving from Karratha to Exmouth, we’re located 311 km south of Karratha and 404 km north of Exmouth, almost in the middle. The Onslow Road turnoff is easily visible with sealed roads on the North West Coastal Highway following all the way through to the end of Onslow Road, making your drive is an easy and safe one to embark on.

If you’ve not considered taking the divert to Onslow on your drive between Karratha and Exmouth, add it to your list! The opportunity to experience a resort style holiday and an island adventure to the Mackerel Islands all in one just shouldn’t be missed.

For adventurers of the Karijini National Park, taking the drive out to the coast via Nanutarra Wittenoom Road is 423km on sealed roads. Travelling the heart of inland Pilbara plus venturing out to the coast and islands is highly recommended to get a true north-western Australian experience.

Onslow Car Hire

At the Onslow Beach Resort we have an Avis Car Hire service available. Contact reception on +61 8 9184 6586 or email [email protected] to arrange.


Onslow Beach Resort